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RCB & Associates Private Investigations

"No job too big or too small"

  • Licensed in Massachusetts and New Hampshire 

  •     We specialize in
                                                                                                 We are:
         * Criminal Defense 
         * Investigation Criminal/Civil                                             * Available 24/7
         * Surveillance/ Video evidence                                    * Former Law Enforcement
         * Matrimonial and Infidelity Investigations                     * Affordable
         * Background Investigations                                        * Licensed,Insured & Bonded
         * Locate and Missing persons Investigations              * Confidential and discreet
         * Insurance Investigations                                            * Over 40 years of experience
                                                                                                         * Licensed in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

            finger printRCB and Associates is a Massachusetts Private Detective Agency that is committed to providing the most reliable, cost effective, and discreet services available. We have saved our clients millions of dollars in lost productivity, assets, and peace of mind. We provide competitive flat and hourly rates to meet each clients needs. We provide investigations throughout Massachusetts and New Hapshire. Contact our corporate representatives 24/7 to discuss your case in more detail.

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    We are a result-oriented Investigation firm that is committed to providing each client with the most competent and cost efficient services available. We bring over 40 years combined legal and investigative expertise with prior professional experience in both federal and state court jurisdictions. We utilize the most current professional equipment available to assist in our investigative endeavors.

    We have achieved successful results for our clients in every area ventured.  We will do whatever is legally necessary to accomplish our client’s goals. 
    Mission Statement   The satisfaction of our clients is the cornerstone of our business. RCB and Associates willexttend all necessary efforts to meet our clients' needs in a timely and cost effective way. All investigations will be performed in a highly professional and confidential manner and in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws.

                                                   VENDOR PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS


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